Take Action

How To…

Send an E-Mail to New Orleans City Government

Mar 1 2010

Want to let your elected officials know your thoughts? With this form you can contact all of the New Orleans councilmembers and the the Mayor instantly. More >

Stay Involved

Dec 8 2005

Many people in New Orleans and removed from New Orleans have asked just what they can do to stay involved with the city. More >

Contact Your Elected Officials Via Phone

Oct 3 2005

After an in person visit, a phone call is one of the most effective methods for directly alerting your elected officials to your concerns. This tutorial will help you contact New Orleans, Louisiana and national representatives. People who have never contacted their public officials via phone may be intimidated by the process. More >

Write A Letter To The Editor

Oct 3 2005

If you have never written a letter to the editor before, give it a try. Letters to the editor are a great way to speak out on issues important to you and more people than you might think read the letters to the editor every day. Because many newspapers receive a considerable number of letters to the editor every day, your letter will be competing with many others for publication. These guidelines can help you get your letter published on a certain issue. More >

Past Alerts

Demand Necessary Resources to Monitor BP Drilling Disaster

May 7 2010

Protect marine wildlife from the BP drilling disaster and reconsider opening more coastal areas to these catastrophes. More >

Thank You for Taking Action: SB 75 Defeated

Jun 21 2009

SB 75, introduced by Senator Edwin Murray, would require a municipal vote on the completed Master Plan before it can become law to direct the future development of the city, subverting the democratic process by inserting politics and special interests. More >

Your Help is Needed to Pass HB780

May 25 2009

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility and Common Sense in Planning for New Orleans Healthcare is Imperative in Saving Historic Charity Hospital and the Mid-City Neighborhood. More >

Call for Independent Analysis of New Orleans’ Medical District Plans

Mar 29 2009

ADD YOUR VOICE TO OURS - TAKE ACTION TODAY! Urge Governor Jindal to step in and order an independent cost-benefit analysis of the competing plans by filling out and sending a message to the Governor today at the link below: https://secure2.convio.net/nthp/site/Advocacy?id=459&pagename=homepage More >

Oppose Commercial Additions To Public Art

Oct 4 2005

E-Mail the City Planning Commission and share your thoughts. More >

Support Appropriate Development at Carrollton and Claiborne

Apr 16 2002

Letters, faxes, and emails should be sent as soon as possible. Send letters to: City Hall, 1300 Perdido St. NOLA 70112 Council District A: Scott Shea shea@nocitycouncil.com Room 2W80 565-7650 fax Council At-Large: Oliver Thomas, thomas@nocitycouncil.com Room 2W10 565-7656 fax… More >

Oppose the St. Thomas Wal-Mart

Apr 10 2002

The proposed Wal-Mart is to be located in Councilmember Oliver Thomas’s district. Share your thoughts with him. More >