Process Guidelines

Applying for your FYI incentive payment is easy.  Just follow these steps to receive up to $1,250.

The UC pays an incentive of $2.50 per square foot when impervious paving is removed and replaced with pervious paving, landscaping, or other design approved pervious ground cover.  Restrictions apply, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, and the Design Requirements.

There are a few highlights of the program:

To help stay organized, see our Project Checklist.

Six Steps to your FYI Incentive

Step 1: Schedule a Site Visit with the Urban Conservancy

If eligible, move on to step two

Step 2: Complete and Submit Your Application

The owner of the property to be improved must be the person that applies.

Step 3: You will contact green sector professionals (preferably from our Resource List) AND you will need to attend one of our monthly FYI Workshops.

After working with one of our green sector professionals and attending our FYI workshop you may submit a design.

Step 4:  Submit Design

You must submit a design for approval before you begin work.

Don’t be too concerned with creating a professional-level design, most of the drawings we receive are simple drawings done by homeowners like yourself.  However, your design must meet certain standards.

We will notify you when your design has been approved. Do not start work until then!

Once you receive design approval, you may begin work.

Step 5: Install Your FYI Improvements

You will have 120 calendar days after we send this notice of approval to complete the FYI installation and for us to receive notice from you that the installation is complete. 

Step 6: Receive Your Incentive Payment!

Once we (UC) have documented to our satisfaction that you have met the requirements of the FYI program and that the improvement was constructed according to the FYI design we approved, we will provide the incentive payment to you in the form of a check made payable to the Property Owner. Payments will typically be made within approximately 60 calendar days of our being notified that the FYI installation is complete.

After FYI: Maintain Improvements

The FYI improvements must be maintained according to the requirements stated in the FYI Terms and Conditions.