Presentations – STR Forum

The Urban Conservancy hosted a panel discussion on the future of short term rentals in New Orleans on November 17 for residents to learn more about this issue, how other cities are addressing it, and what an enforceable regulatory framework for New Orleans might look like.  Over 50 people attended.  You can read Times-Picayune reporter Robert McClendon’s articles from November 16 and November 20 on the topic and the forum.

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UNO MURP Candidate, Katy Sullivan  Examining Existing Policy Approaches

Researcher and planner, Jeffrey Goodman Short Term Rentals: Balancing Opportunities and Challenges

City planner Phillip Supino (Durango, CO) Preserving Housing Through Short Term Rental Regulation

Monisha Merchant Airbnb Community Compact

Dr. Marla Nelson was moderator.



At the request of the New Orleans City Council, CPC is conducted a study on the regulation of short-term rentals in New Orleans. The study considered amendments to the short-term rental definition, limitations on the size of short-term rentals, which districts short-term rentals should be prohibited, conditional use, or permitted use, supplemental use standards, temporary use standards, national best practices, and consider changes to bed-and-breakfast regulations.


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