Stormwater Management Workshop for Contractors: Registration Now Open

In New Orleans, we know a heavy rain can quickly turn the streets into canals. Why does that happen? And can we fix it?

The City of New Orleans has been asking itself just that, and in response, it has been researching ways to combat this phenomenon with Stormwater Management techniques.

At this workshop we’ll dive into the concept of stormwater management and how it affects our infrastructure, our architecture and our way of life.¬†Living with so much water is no easy task, but there are steps we can take to mitigate flooding and other ills of nature. Much of that mitigation lies in the hands of the people who build this city, the contractors.

This workshop, designed for contractors, is meant to bring you up to speed on stormwater management. This issue is front and center on the city agenda, as new stormwater management regulations were included in the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) for Orleans Parish, and this is your opportunity to get ahead of the game.

This workshop was created to explain the concept of stormwater management, discuss green infrastructure solutions and how the City plans on incorporating green infrastructure into city planning and zoning, and disclose how stormwater management practices can benefit your business.  Register here.

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