UC Receives Grant to Help Local Businesses Navigate City Hall

FHLB Dallas’ Partnership Grant Program Provides 3:1 Match of Members’ Donations


The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) is pleased to announce $414,010 in Partnership Grant Program funds have been awarded by FHLB Dallas and member institutions to 32 community-based organizations (CBO).

The Urban Conservancy received $4,500 from FHLB Dallas’ PGP and IBERIABANK, which the UC will use to produce videos to simplify and educate small business owners on the permitting process with the city of New Orleans.

The grant is the third PGP award Urban Conservancy has received from FHLB Dallas and IBERIABANK. The PGP was intended to strengthen partnerships between CBOs and FHLB Dallas members.

“At first, I did not fully appreciate the goal of the PGP to deepen our connections with local bankers,” says Ms. Eness. “Over the years, I have come to understand how the PGP not only enables us to do something good within the community for our small businesses, but how it really helps our nonprofit have a stronger relationship with our IBERIABANK branch. Working with FHLB Dallas has been such a great process in terms of figuring out what the community needs and how we can play our part.”

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