Report: N.O. Business Owners Cautiously Optimistic Despite Challenges

Earlier this year, StayLocal held a 2-hour focus group with a selection of New Orleans business owners with restaurant, retail, and service-oriented businesses. StayLocal then published the results in the 2022 StayLocal Focus Group Report.

The report is a collection of the business owners’ pain points and hopes for the future that explores diverse topics related to the impact of disasters, from the impacts on business operations to the impacts on the mental health of the business owners.

StayLocal’s findings revealed that business owners are in need of an effective communication system to share pertinent information in the midst of hurricanes and other disasters.

In response to these findings, StayLocal has developed a two-way texting system for business owners. Owners will be able to receive and share important information about revised hours of operation or location, goods and services they can provide to sheltering citizens, and avenues for business-to-business collaboration to improve reopening times.  Business owners and others can register for this no-cost service here.

Read the full press release at Biz New Orleans.



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