Al Duvernay Project Feature

Our 2020 FYIer Al Duvernay recently got a write-up in for his beautiful and functional yard.

Al Duvernay’s yard immediately following the completion of his FYI project in 2020.


Duvernay loved the benefits of the front-yard transformation he achieved working with Mastodonte, LLC as a participant in our Front Yard Initiative incentive program in 2020, and he felt inspired to do even more. Being an accomplished paleontologist, Duvernay maintained an engineer’s perspective as he continued to improve rain capture in his yard.

Now, Duvernay enjoys a swath of different green infrastructure measures, all working in tandem to capture as much water as possible. He estimates that the capacity is now about 3000 gallons.

His yard now includes:

Great stuff Al! We love to see our FYIers going above and beyond the call of water-stewardship.

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