FYI Spotlight – P. Adam Kelly

Kelly, who is an alumnus of the FYI program, loved the home he bought in Faubourg Delachaise, but he was not a fan of the dilapidated 30-foot concrete driveway that came with it.

With a $950 reimbursement from FYI, Kelly was able to tear up 350 square feet of cracked concrete with the help of his contractor. 

From that point on, Kelly took it upon himself to finish the project. After a lot of manual digging, he installed an impressive water-retention system where his cracked driveway had been, excavated a 48-inch-deep French Drain where his property met the sidewalk, then dug two 10-inch-deep runners down the length of the driveway. He then filled the French drain and runners with gravel, then paved them with sand and bricks to create a functional, and more sustainable, driveway.

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