Core Values

The Urban Conservancy’s core values guide our interaction with each other, our stakeholders, our associates and our community. We believe in:



We value action over passivity. For us, action means equal parts listening and doing. We take responsibility to better our region’s environment and economy. We value both our own actions and community action, which we work to facilitate.


We are thoughtful and purposeful in our strategy and actions to ensure justice beyond inclusion. We believe all members in our community deserve a voice in shaping the place in which we live. We advocate for accountability and access to information for residents in order to make informed decisions with regard to their communities.


We think sustainability is more than “lasting” or “maintaining.” It means “thriving.” We work to create a thriving local economy and urban environment. We also work towards internal sustainability by regularly evaluating and improving our programs and operations.

A Holistic Approach

We think it is important to get to the core of the issues affecting our urban environment and local economy. We take a 360-degree view of the issues, considering multiple facets and various perspectives. We work to identify responses to existing conditions that provide multiple benefits.

Local Economies

We envision a diversified local economy that sustains the people who live and work in our community and who culturally enrich it. We believe that communities have the right to democratically control their urban environment.