Who is eligible for FYI?
Any homeowner with front yard paving in Orleans Parish is eligible to participate!Renters may also be eligible with a signed letter from their landlord. Additional pre-approval may be needed from the FYI Team. Please email FYI@urbanconservancy.org for details.

Starting in 2019 we are no longer funding backyards.

I’m trying to sell my house. Am I eligible for FYI?
No. Our program is meant for residents willing to make a long term commitment to the maintenance of their FYI project. If you sell the house, we lose access to the site for inspections and assurances that the project will remain permeable.

I have a short term rental. Am I eligible for FYI?
All potential FYI participants are cross-checked with the City’s STR database.If you have a licensed Accessory STR with the city you may still be eligible.

You are NOT eligible for FYI If you have a Commercial or Temporary STR license without a Homestead Exemption.

See STR license definitions here.

How much does it cost to remove paving?
Concrete removal costs will vary, but $2.50 a square foot seems to be average. Do your best to see how many inches deep your concrete is. We’ve seen yards with layer after layer get poured as the land subsides underneath. The more layers, the higher the cost.

Where do I report a paving violation?
The city has an online form where you can report anonymously.

Who can I contact from the city with questions about stormwater management?
Email stormwater@nola.govOr visit One Stop Shop (7th floor of City Hall) on Wednesdays to speak to a City Planner familiar with stormwater management techniques.