Front Yard Initiative Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Urban Conservancy’s Front Yard Initiative (FYI).


Urban Conservancy= UC  | Front Yard Initiative = FYI | Improvements= pavement removed

Only one FYI application may be approved per property.

“Property Owner” is the owner of the property that is having impervious pavement removed, or in the case when the property is owned by a corporation, “Property Owner” shall be the individual legally acting on behalf of the owner of the property.  FYI reserves the right to verify property ownership.

If a FYI incentive payment is eventually made, it can only be made payable to Property Owner.

Property Owner

If, in its sole discretion, the UC finds the improved area has not been properly maintained/implemented or if the implementation has been altered significantly from the approved design (for example: if impervious pavement is re-installed), Property Owner, if he/she has not sold the property by that time, shall reimburse the UC for the FYI payment as follows:100% reimbursement if finding made in first 365-day period after payment; 80% reimbursement if finding made within 2nd 365 day period after payment; 60% if finding made within 3rd 365-day period after payment;  40% if finding made within 4th 365-day period after payment; and 20% if finding made within 5th 365-day period after payment.

The UC will only pay the FYI incentive of $2.50 per square feet based on the smallest of the following: the size of the project as shown in your application, the size shown in your design, or the size of the FYI project you actually build.

Applications will be approved based on the following goals:

The FYI incentive program and the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, the Process Guidelines and the Design Requirements are subject to change without notice.

The Urban Conservancy’s Front Yard Initiative

Shall have the right to use the design of the Improved Area as well as before- and after-photos and videos of it, for the purpose of promoting water tolerant landscapes.  This promotion could be in the form of videos, print, web, or other venues.

Shall have sole authority to resolve all disputes related to the FYI program, approval of applications, approval of landscape designs, and all other related matters relevant to the FYI program.

Shall not be obligated to make, and will not make, FYI payments for that part of the approved square footage, when the size of the actual landscape installed is less than that approved and/or when some or all of the landscape actually installed differs, as determined by the UC in its sole discretion, from the approved design.  In other words, the UC shall only pay for the square footage of the landscape actually installed that is congruent with the approved design, up to the maximum amount of square feet approved in the application.

Once officially accepted into the FYI program, the Property Owner has one year to complete their project based upon the design submitted by the Property Owner and approved by the UC. If the project is not completed within that time frame any and all commitments made by the UC related to that application, including commitments to make FYI incentive payments, shall be automatically rescinded and rendered null and void.

The following conditions will also make you ineligible for FYI funding:

1.Due to the proliferation and adverse effects of whole-home short terms rentals in New Orleans, the Urban Conservancy will not provide FYI funding to any property owner with a Commercial or Temporary STR license without a Homestead Exemption.

2. Houses currently on the market are ineligible for FYI funding.×202.jpg