LaunchNOLA + FYI Build Out Opportunity

To equitably grow the green sector, our DBE businesses need to be placed front and center. To do this, we’re working to provide LaunchNOLA Green participants with on-the-job green infrastructure training. That’s where you come in, FYIer!

If you’re interested in having your FYI project be a supervised job training opportunity, we’d love to work with you!

How it works: Members of the LaunchNOLA Green cohort, supervised by Fleurish Ecoscapes, will work with you to implement your FYI design. Different team members will rotate out through your project depending on the tasks to be done. Prices will be slightly below market rate, as team members are still learning, but each will be paid hourly.

We’re focusing on rain garden, French drain, bioswale, and permeable pavement installations.

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More about LaunchNOLA Green

Launch NOLA works in partnership with the Urban Conservancy, Delgado Community College, and Louisiana Economic Development (LED) to support small businesses that seek to mitigate water management issues, and help our communities be more innovative and nimble as they implement green infrastructure options, especially in storm water management, to be resilient and successful in the future.

Our goal at Launch NOLA is to work with urban entrepreneurs who are endeavoring to start or grow green infrastructure businesses. We are focusing on assisting minority-owned landscaping businesses to build green infrastructure capacity, such as the latest drainage equipment (permeable pavement), rain garden installation, etc.

As underserved entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses, local jobs are created and goods and services are provided to local residents. This cohort will build sustainable businesses, more knowledge and awareness of storm water management challenges and solutions to share with the whole community. The entrepreneurial skills the cohort will learn will increase the equity in our minority communities and build resilience in them.