Abigail Sebton

Operations Consultant

In her part-time consultant capacity, Abigail Sebton draws on her years at the Urban Conservancy overseeing all aspects of our organization’s operations from implementing our strategic plan to managing our project management and customer relationship softwares. She continues to assist with fundraising and development efforts and provides support to UC’s StayLocal and the Front Yard Initiative programs.

Personally and professionally, Abigail is most grateful to have co-built an international non-profit social enterprise (founded in 2010). During her interdisciplinary studies at Tulane University, she worked in Central America where she learned the value of cross-cultural collaboration and local community investment. Abigail’s 5 years on the board of directors taught her skills in organizational oversight and policy-making as well as program development, evaluation, and impact investing.

Although now a card-carrying (or more accurately, a snowboard-carrying) Colorado resident, Abigail remains committed to equitably growing New Orleans’ local economy to benefit both our residents and our environment.

She can be reached at abigail@urbanconservancy.org.