Blake Allen

Project Assistant, Urban Conservancy

Blake Allen is the Urban Conservancy’s Project Assistant. Blake works with Front Yard Initiative clients and assists the UC team with FYI design review, site visits, and workshops. She also directs the UC’s creative media including social media platforms and the website. Blake serves as an equity ambassador to advance equity within our organization and its initiatives by building connections with advocacy groups and other organizations.

Allen graduated from Loyola University in May of 2019 with a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Global Sociology. During her studies she interned with the UC, and she joined the team upon graduation.

As a native of New Orleans and current resident, Blake found her passion in the intersections of food, environmental, and racial justice. In our community, Blake has been involved in many advocacy projects, including the experimental racial and economic-justice pop-up restaurant SAARTJ and the Yes on 2 campaign with the Unanimous Jury Coalition.

She can be reached at