Emily Snyder

UC Program Manager

Emily has been a member of the New Orleans environmental education community since 2009. She’s worked with students, mostly young people, in forests, fields, ropes courses, canoes, gardens, marshes, swamps, and in their classrooms and community centers. She manages the Front Yard Initiative and BASIN programs at Urban Conservancy, and is thrilled to serve residents at their homes, bringing our whole community more in line with natural principles.
She’s a Louisiana Master Naturalist, a member of Mayor Cantrell’s 2019 Women4Climate cohort, and, on and off, a member of the steering committee for the New Orleans Environmental Education Collaborative. She holds a BA in English with a concentration on Creative Writing from the University of Rochester, and an MS in Environmental Education from Nova Southeastern University.
Emily loves Middle Eastern dance, reading and talking about fiction, and gardening but not that well. She’s an active member of the local Pagan community, and the mother of one human and two dogs.