Sascha Bollag

Board member, President

Alexander “Sascha” Bollag is an attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to law school, Sascha spent several years in Washington, DC, first with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), working on their Wake Up Wal-Mart campaign, and then Food & Water Watch, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, where he served as a community organizer and legislative coordinator on fisheries issues, working to shape legislation on Capitol Hill and in various states. Originally from North Carolina, it was through his work with Food & Water Watch that Sascha was first introduced to New Orleans (his first trip to the city was to dress as a fish and solicit petitions at Voodoo Fest), and knew it was a place he would one day call home.
During his first two years of law school in New York, Sascha got to know Bill Quigley, the Director of the Loyola New Orleans College of Law Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic, and together they convinced NYU to allow him to spend his third year in New Orleans, participating in the Community Justice Section of the clinic. Through his work in the clinic, Sascha began a relationship with the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC), where he litigated fair housing cases for several years following graduation. Currently, Sascha works on various cases with Green Justice, on issues including environmental justice and prisoners’ rights. He also works with the Recirculating Farms Coalition, a New Orleans-based non-profit that promotes aquaponic farming, on policy and legal issues (and spends plenty of time on their Central City farm as well).
Sascha received his BA from UNC–Chapel Hill and his law degree from NYU School of Law.