A Green Lining to New Orleans Storm Clouds

UC and Launch NOLA staff members oversee a green front yard project

Southeast Sustainability Directors Network (SSDN) recently published an article featuring the Urban Conservancy and the Front Yard Initiative titled “A Green Lining to New Orleans Storm Clouds: How a new nonprofit coalition is teaching neighbors how they can create solutions for flooding in their community“.

In the article, Daria Uporsky of SSDN discusses the cooperation between the New Orleans Office of Resilience & Sustainability and Umbrella. Umbrella is a coalition of nonprofit partners including the Front Yard Initiative, Green Light New Orleans, SOUL, and Launch NOLA.

“By testing strategies in Hoffman Triangle”, Uporsky notes, “they hope that their new models can be scaled to other neighborhoods, and ultimately contribute to increased resilience across the city.”

>>Read more about Umbrella here!



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