Amy Stelly Featured in The American Prospect

Urban Conservancy board member Amy Stelly is featured in this piece by Sarah Alessandrini which appeared recently The American Prospect.

The article presents the potential for community revitalization and job creation following the demolition of several mid-century interstate highways unfairly dividing black and brown communities.

See what Amy has to say about the history and adverse effects of the construction of the Claiborne Expressway, and now the potential for job creation and heritage preservation represented by the tearing down of that same New Orleans highway.

She also sees the highway removal as an opportunity to teach residents historic preservation techniques, which, along with other job skills, can be applied to maintaining the area’s centuries-old buildings. “That’s what makes New Orleans beautiful,” Stelly says. “There’s a lot of opportunity to put people back to work, but also to train people in the building trades that are really special to New Orleans, so we can maintain the character of the city.”

– Sarah Alessandrini, The American Prospect

Read the full article here.

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