Reduce Your Lawn Day featured FYI Program Manager Emily Snyder in their post about the Inaugural Reduce Your Lawn Day, a national effort from American Meadows where homeowners pledge to change their turf lawn into pollinator habitats. This year, the program’s first, saw 3,100 individuals pledging to remove 10.5 million square feet of turf. 

“In my region, people are often hesitant to try something that is new to them, and new to the area, even if it’s been proven elsewhere. It’s important for folks to know that the movement away from lawns is a nationwide effort.”

Emily Snyder

Here are 10 easy planting projects recommended by the team behind Reduce Your Lawn Day to get started and join the movement.

  1. Remove the grass along your driveway and replant with easy-to-grow wildflowers for a colorful border.
  2. Plant perennials around your mailbox to brighten the neighborhood.
  3. Flip the strip! Replace the grass between your sidewalk and the street with a mini meadow.
  4. Create a pollinator pit stop by creating a garden island in your yard.
  5. Expand your existing flower beds by pushing out their boundaries and adding more flowers.
  6. Replace tough-to-trim grass along walkways and plant creeping groundcovers for a pretty pathway that doesn’t require mowing.
  7. Build a raised bed near your house and plant an easy-to-access kitchen garden or cut flower bed.
  8. Remove the grass along your fence line to create a beautiful blooming border.
  9. Designate a corner of your yard “for the birds” and plant a garden of native plants.
  10. Flank your front walkway with flower beds to boost your curb appeal and share the beauty of sustainable yards with your neighbors.


Read the full story at, and check out American Meadows.

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