Contractor’s Guide to FYI

A guide for approved FYI Green Sector Directory Contractors

If you haven’t yet been approved for the FYI Green Sector Directory, please submit your application. 

FYI Ground Rules

Bid Process

Most clients going through FYI will reach out to you after a FYI workshops (4-6 workshops a year from March – September).

Clients will have created a design complete with plant selections, which you may ask to see if they don’t show you up front.

FYIers have 30 days to seek bids from contractors at this stage of the program (extensions are a possibility). Please be aware that they are likely seeking multiple bids from others on our Green Sector Directory.

FYI Resources

Sending a client our way?

Thank you!

Please keep in mind that FYI homeowners are subject to quite a few requirements before they’re approved for the program.

Don’t start work just yet!

We can’t reimburse your client for paving that’s already been removed.

To ensure your client is eligible for reimbursement from FYI, they must have: attended a workshop, submitted a design for approval, received a site visit from FYI staff, and received a notice to proceed.

It sounds like a lot, but getting your client to an FYI workshop BEFORE you start work on their project is key. They can take the process from there!

Workshop Dates + FYI Registration Form

Green Sector Professional Survey

Now that you’re on our list, we’ll be checking in with you twice a year with a brief survey. It documents your growth and success both as a business and within the FYI program. It’s also a place to offer suggestions and feedback about our program.

If you ever have any issues, comments, or suggestions please reach out!

504-717-6187 or