Parks and Public Input

The New Orleans Master Plan is up for review. The UC hosted a parks forum (4/21) and a Master Plan Amendment workshop (7/9) with the goal of submitting an amendment.

Take a look at our Chapter 14 and Chapter 7 amendments!

Master Plan Amendments


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A Master Plan is a comprehensive, long-range plan to direct the future growth and development of the city. The plan must be supported by citizen referendum so that the plan will become a real, legal force directing development, growth, and preservation in our city – City Council

Amendments to the New Orleans Master Plan, adopted five years ago, may be submitted to the City Planning Commission from April 25 to September 9.  To access the Master Plan, visit:

The Urban Conservancy has taken a particular interest in the public input aspect of how changes are made in parks. We believe the public should be duly notified and given ample opportunity to participate in the park planning process. You will see this reflected in the Parks and Public Input Master Plan Amendment Draft of Chapter 7 created collaboratively with citizens attending the July 9 Master Plan Amendment Workshop and many local partners: Thomas Strategies, Parks for All, Asakura Robinson, Friends of the Lafitte Greenway, and Committee for a Better New Orleans.

In response to growing concern about the lack of public input surrounding major changes to our urban green spaces, including the proposed soccer complex on The Fly, the UC hosted a Green Space Forum and a follow up Master Plan Amendment Workshop. To find those presentations click on the Resources tab.

Draft amendments based on feedback from the workshop on 7/9/16

Parks and Public Input Master Plan Amendment Draft

Chapter 14 Volume 2 Draft Amendment

Download the MASTER PLAN CHANGE APPLICATION if you’d like to make your own amendment. The date has been extended to September 9th.

Feel free to borrow any of our amendment language for your own amendment submittal or Click Here to add your name to the above collaborative draft amendment.

The Urban Conservancy hosted the forum, Green Spaces and Public Input: Your Voice in the Master Plan on Thursday, April 21st – 7pm at Loyola University.

Presenters: Jeffrey Thomas, Bob Rivers, Scott Howard, Alexandra Miller
Moderator: Dana Eness

View the night’s presentation: Green Space Forum Presentation 4/21/16

As a follow up to the forum, on July 9, 2016, the UC hosted:

The goal of this workshop was to create a Master Plan amendment that facilitates appropriate public input, with input from citizens and park advocates alike.

View the presentation: Parks and Public Input Presentation